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Technology at its Best….!

We live in a fast paced system of things. Technology is always on the rise. If you look at the I-Phone it is already on the 6th version and by the time I read this article again and again, it may very well be on its way to the 10th version! After all we are at the age of discovery. But are we really using it to our betterment? As parents we really need to use the resources all around us to keep up with the most important thing to us. No I am not talking about the I-phone. I’m talking about your most precious commodity. It is so scary to make quick decision when it comes to choosing the right center for your children. That is why you need to choose a Daycare that allows you to watch your child grow with state of the art technology, by means of the internet. New ADDition Child Care believes you have a right to have peace of mind while you are at work. That is why we have partnered up with a video monitoring company to bring you closer to your loved one(s). They are many cons in choosing a center that supports video monitoring. Parents tend to not only have peace of mind knowing that their kids are one click away, but they can ensure that their kids stay safe and secure. So let us bring open door policies to your finger tips, with the resources that are already in your possession. In order to access the system you will need the internet; it is that simple. The only thing left for you to do is to log in! We will be seeing you, after all quality is what you very well deserve.

New ADDition Child Care + Learning Center, the center where your child counts!


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