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Childcare Programs from Houston, Texas

Offering a full range of after-school and childcare programs, New ADDition Childcare in Houston, Texas, provides a comfortable learning and secure environment.

Preschool & Day Camps

Providing a fun, safe environment, our day camp and preschool programs offer children plenty of attention and room to learn.


Learning is Powerful!!


After-School Programs

Our after-school programs are available to older children, providing a safe atmosphere for them and encouraging learning as well as social interaction. Making things easier for busy parents, we pick your children up from school and bring them to our center. Homework assistance is provided, as well as snacks. Note: We have extended programs from 6:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.


Summer Programs

Running from June to August, summer programs are open to children from age 3-11. Providing plenty of entertainment and activities, parents may rest assured knowing their children are in a safe environment, keeping them engaged and motivated throughout their time away from class. From field trips to creative classes, kids get to experience a lot of different things in our summer program.

• Fun Activities
• Nutritional Lunches

• Field Trips
• Spanish Classes

• Creative Movement & Dance,
•  Including Ballet

New ADDition Childcare in Houston, Best daycare in Houston Texas, offers daycare scholarships and assistance for parents looking to enroll their children in our after-school programs and childcare.


To ensure your children receive entrance into the program, we require their immunization records. Additionally, we request that daily items be dropped off, especially infant formula and diapers.

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Newadditionchildcare Ballet, Childcare Programs in Houston, TX Newadditionchildcare
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Newadditionchildcare Swimming, Daycare Scholarships in Houston, TX Newadditionchildcare
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